Kimberly Schick on Why She Thinks RISE Helps Teens Make Better Choices

Kimberly Schick Supports RISE Yoga for Youth

Meet Kimberly Schick, one of our amazing RISE for Youth Outreach Team members! We are in the middle of our campaign to bring yoga to 1,000 more students in the Bay Area! Please join us and help us reach our goal by September 25th!

1. Why do you do yoga?

I do yoga because there is simply nothing more grounding. It puts me in my body and clears my mind, allowing me to be clear-headed, calm, and somehow more in alignment with the universal flow.

2. Why do you think it is important to support RISE Yoga for Youth? 

I think about how yoga changed my life, at the age of 24. What if it could’ve happened earlier? What if kids in their teens and adolescent years could be tuned into the remarkable benefits of this practice at such a young, tender, formative age? Well I do believe they would make better choices, feel more in touch, and set themselves on a trajectory in life that would be more fulfilling for them, and those around them.


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